Find an internal solution with the company counsel, or outsource it?

Every company deals with this issue. To embed all know-how internally is costly and superfluous. Outsourcing, on the other hand, presents other issues: to whom, what does it cost, and will it indeed provide us with the answer we need?

Lawyers and external legal counsel often avoid making choices. HarveyBloom is not afraid to share responsibility.

This distinguishes our approach fundamentally. We know all the ins and outs of our clients. We understand what it is you do because we operate from within your organisation. At the same time we open perspectives from different angles for you, because we do not limit ourselves to meeting our advice. We are multi-disciplinary specialists that offer you a comprehensive alternative to the legal profession.

And if litigation proves to be inevitable, we have experienced legal counsel available with extensive litigation and trial practice. HarveyBloom Advocaten – an independent law firm-  will be happy to assist you.

Obviously doing business generally requires funding. And financial structure can have a significant impact on the business itself. Take-overs or growth companies usually also require equity or mezzanine funding. But raising funds often proves to be a serious challenge.

Even for the best opportunities investors are always looking for the best deal and require at least a  thorough underpinning of plans. Comprehensive knowledge about the fund raising process and financial structuring is a prerequisite. And just as important is knowing the market and the different types of investors.

For this kind of expertise you can turn to us. Harvey Bloom has specialists capable of  assisting you in the organisation of your financial and funding requirements. And they will guide you in making the key  strategic decisions in order to successfully fund your business.

The worlds of enterprise and of taxes are inextricably tied. Businesses pay taxes, after all. National and international rules, however, are constantly and swiftly modified. Thorough knowledge of fiscal structures and legislation, therefore, is fundamental. Are you keeping pace with all developments and do you manage to cover all fiscal risks? We will keep the pace for you.

Valid insight into, and oversight on, the fiscal effects of modifications to legislation and regulations are essential to the quality of the decision-making within your business. Harvey Bloom has tax lawyers available that can provide you with excellent assistance when these important strategic decisions have to be made.

Hardly a week passes without news in the media about fraud, bribery, and other unethical behaviour by officials. Even though legislation and regulations have seriously increased over the past years, the number of incidents of non-compliance with the law has also grown. A curious paradox, or is it?

Complying with legislation and regulations is one thing, but making changes to behaviour and a specific business culture requires an entirely different approach.

Monitoring compliance with laws and regulations is not a solution. Nor is it about managing risks by crossing off items on a check-list, or about drawing up volumes of codes of conduct. An effective compliance programme deals with behaviour and culture. Complying with legislation and regulations is one thing. Changing behaviour and culture requires a different approach.

A compliance programme is only effective when all stakeholders are involved. Rules and procedures can have a stifling effect. It still is individual responsibility that must take the fore. And we’d be happy to help you with this.