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Why HarveyBloom?

HarveyBloom was founded in 2016 with the purpose to create a cooperative platform of professionals.
From our autonomous position we look for synergy, whether between ourselves or towards our clients. It’s how we aim to deliver more than our clients thought they were looking for.

We are here for businesses that are based in The Netherlands, but also for companies wanting to set up shop in The Netherlands. Open our brochure here if you are currently based in the UK, in the US or in the EU.

Our edge

The professionals at HarveyBloom offer practical solutions through various legal and business disciplines. All have extensive experience as a board-advisor, legal counsel, corporate lawyer, consultant, manager, etc. By combining knowledge and experience, we take your plans to the next level. We are independent, we get involved, and help you get through complex processes.

Track record

Our assignments range from running daily operations to setting up, developing and (re)structuring teams and organisations. In addition we have extensive experience in management, managing projects, as well as in analysing and optimising processes.

Our approach

We will consider your query from the perspective of your organisation after which we’ll address it in a multi-disciplinary way. So you know you’ll be talking to the right person. This approach offers you a structural addition to your organisation. We’ll be a step ahead of your challenges.

We have abundant experience in providing smart solutions in addition to, or as an alternative for, your internal departments. HarveyBloom will help you save considerably on these expenses, augmenting your in-house knowledge at the same time.

Your expectations

Whatever we do, before we start a project, we listen and pose a certain number of questions. Questions that should lead us to that central issue that is so often forgotten, even if everything revolves around it, in the end.

Integral look, that’s HarveyBloom

Because we look beyond the boundaries of our fields, we bring practical – sometimes out of the box – solutions. One of the partners of HarveyBloom is always a permanent contact person to deploy the right knowledge and skills.