Offering solutions that fit in with your business operations: that’s what counts for us. Your questions obviously aren’t in the abstract, but relate to the specific context of your organisation. We are dedicated to solutions that fit your organisation. Not the other way around.

We don’t address your questions from a safe distance, or on the mere basis of static frameworks such as legislation and regulations. On the contrary: we step outside of the comfort-zone of our own field and engage with the internal processes you deal with. We aim for your objectives, regardless of the particular arrangement we have with your organisation; whether it’s occasional advice, collaboration through the engagement of one of our professionals, or in an arrangement of total care.

This renders HarveyBloom a perfect, flexible, skin for your organisation, and an alternative for legal counselling, while it could prove a serious stimulus for growth, too. Internal and external.

Whenever you try to describe your case to a lawyer, they will point out the risks to you. Sounds familiar? It’s understandable, as lawyers are trained to think in terms of problems. Identifying risks is considered the most important job for a lawyer.

For many lawyers the focus is on excluding risk. It’s a trait that often comes across as obstructive behaviour, which is hardly surprising. But this is partly due to the position that legal staff generally hold in the organisational architecture, and to the extent to which they are involved in decision-making. Progress is possible in many of these areas. But that’s not all, devising a different approach is another essential component.

Within an enterprising environment we expect to find colleagues that reason in terms of solutions; what are the options? This is the attitude that characterises the professionals we work with.

At HarveyBloom’s the entrepreneurial spirit prevails, and the will to express it in practice. Working with Harvey Bloom means sitting down with a businessman, with someone that will actively promote the targets your organisation has set.

We have extensive experience in providing smart solutions, in addition or as an alternative to your legal department. HarveyBloom offers interesting options for saving considerably on your overhead, while augmenting your in-house knowledge at the same time.

HarveyBloom’s legal outsourcing is a solution for the growing need for flexibility and legally trained specialists at the same time. There are many reasons an organisation would choose for legal outsourcing; lack of capacity, need for specialised legal know-how, or cost and benefits considerations.

Legal outsourcing means a complete series of services, from the deployment of general corporate lawyers to specialists. Customised expertise is our specialty.

Besides a considerable reduction of your labour costs and your budget for external services, legal outsourcing also is the most flexible solution you can find for the type of expertise you need.

A project-based approach of legal issues  is an option that often is overlooked, although there are significant benefits to be found. Tasks and responsibilities are usually attributed on grounds of affinity, material knowledge, availability, or functional qualities.

Objective and results

After defining the objective and intended results of the project, it is essential to assign responsibilities clearly: who decides, who supplies, and who supports?  Simply put: are team and management up to the challenge and capable to deliver expected results on schedule?


Every project requires professionals that demonstrate ownership, and that work toward a result that corresponds with the objective of the organisation. These aren’t professionals that march on blindly, but that are ready to engage in discussion, and to look beyond the boundaries of their own profession. And always in terms of solutions. And these should conform to the objective of the project.

Involvement and commitment

Above all,  it’s necessary to have a clear picture of the respective stakeholders 9internal and external). Are they indeed sufficiently involved and committed to the project and the project’s aims?  Projects in a predominantly legal context prove to be especially demanding in this respect.

And we have all the necessary experience in successful design, organisation, and execution of complex legal projects. We’d be happy to exchange, non-committal, thoughts with you on the subject.

As interim managers we excel thanks to our legal backgrounds and our vast experience in managing teams of legal and financial specialists. Our focus is on assignments in which we can put these specific skills to use.

Track record

Our assignments range from running daily operations to the setting up, developing, and structuring of a team, or the reorganisation of an entire organisation. In addition we have lots of experience in managing legal projects, as well as in analysing and optimising processes.

Your expectations

Whatever we do, before we depart on a project, we pose a certain number of questions. Questions that should lead us to that central issue that is so often forgotten, even if everything revolves around it, in the end.

We have abundant experience in the design, organisation, and management of teams. Do you need a temporary replacement for your general counsel, or do you want to set up a team? We would be happy to exchange thoughts with you on it, without any prior commitments.

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