Whenever you try to describe your case to a lawyer, they will point out the risks to you. Sounds familiar? It’s understandable, as lawyers are trained to think in terms of problems. Identifying risks is considered the most important job for a lawyer.

For many lawyers the focus is on excluding risk. It’s a trait that often comes across as obstructive behaviour, which is hardly surprising. But this is partly due to the position that legal staff generally hold in the organisational architecture, and to the extent to which they are involved in decision-making. Progress is possible in many of these areas. But that’s not all, devising a different approach is another essential component.

Within an enterprising environment we expect to find colleagues that reason in terms of solutions; what are the options? This is the attitude that characterises the professionals we work with.

At HarveyBloom’s the entrepreneurial spirit prevails, and the will to express it in practice. Working with Harvey Bloom means sitting down with a businessman, with someone that will actively promote the targets your organisation has set.

We have extensive experience in providing smart solutions, in addition or as an alternative to your legal department. HarveyBloom offers interesting options for saving considerably on your overhead, while augmenting your in-house knowledge at the same time.